Hip Hopera Foundation

Hip Hopera Foundation is an organization of activist in the Hip Hop Culture that was born with the aim of promoting events and projects from cultural to artistic and social ones and also to spread his values and founding principles.

At the base of its constitution there’s the recognition of the equality of every individual, without distinction of kind, origin, religion or social status, respecting the freedom of choice of everyone of them through peace, unity and fraternal love, to get to the accomplishment of a healthy , formative and positive road for the enterntaiment.

HHF disown every form of violence, every discriminatory and vexatious act and every expression of offense.

All the activities related to HHF are the expression of the cultural and artistic disciplines that are part and parcel of the Hip Hop: dance, music, visual arts, poetry, wellness.

These will be used for formative and enetertaining events such as literary, theatricals, cinematographic and musical exhibitions, seminars, group’s letters, theorical/practical labs, gigs and live performances.

Everyone that act  in name or for HHF or the people who choose to be part of it, should mantain a moral and civil conduct that won’t harm in any way other people’s freedom and should also respect thoroughly the laws in place in the territory of action.

All the individual decisions, if taken in name of HHF need to be discussed and approved by all members. HHF is made of memebers with the same rank and responsabilities in the expression of the choices of organizational and operational matter, therefore the activities and their relative methods of fulfillment will be chosen with the majority by the Assebly of all members.

The spirit of cohesion and collaboration on which HHF base its organization provide the exchange and the cooperation between all the subjects operating in the same areas of relevance, provided that they’re an expression of the same values and principles we talked about above.

On line with the vision of personal and collective growth of the Hip Hop Culture, HHF is committed to operate for the respect and safeguard of the natural, historical and artistic heritage in which is called to carry out its activities.

HHF doesn’t aim in ANY way at the personal-economical enrichment of their members, all the funds that will have access to or all the ones that will receive are going to be used for the only purpose of boosting up the organized activities so that we will be able to offer even more sustainable services for the community.

The main goal of each activity, expression of HHF is to create awareness in the individuals through the exchange of contents and cultural or artistic experiences.

HIP HOPERA FOUNDATION gets its strength and ispiration from the Declaration of Hip Hop For Peace, a document written by the pioneers and HH activists and unanimously approved by UNESCO.

Has the aim of recognize Hip Hip as an international and .. culture, giving an essential guideline to whoever wants to share its origins and peace message.